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A visit from Romania


Between 8 and 12 May, HELMo had the honour to receive Prof. Abrudan from Babeş-Bolyai University in Romania which is also one of HELMo's partner universities. The purpose of Prof. Abrudan's visit was to attend courses during the Marketing Week, within an Erasmus training mobility programme.

A programme was prepared for Prof. Abrudan with daily activities and courses she could attend and also a day off to explore the Belgian capital city of Brussels.

On Tuesday, May 9th, Prof. Abrudan was accompanied by Ms Nicole Stassinet, Marketing Director, to attend the Innovation fair, where
HELMo 2nd year Marketing students showcased their innovative and sustainable products in the field of food.

The students seemed quite proud of their products, as it took them a lot of work and effort to pull this through. The products would range from Insect meat to Carrot Gin, seaweed cookies, and so on.

Prof. Abrudan had the opportunity to talk to the students by visiting each stand and trying out their products. At the fair, she also had the chance to meet other HELMo professors and exchange some ideas.

The HELMo team would like to thank all those who provided a helping hand to make this Marketing Week become a success, especially our guest Prof. Abrudan for choosing HELMo for her Erasmus training programme. We thank you for the gifts you gave us! We will cherish them.


Contact: Létitia Lemaire
Publié le : 23-05-23