Haute Ecole Libre Mosane


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Double degree

You are a student in one of the institutions below and you have passed minimum 120 ECTS credits? You can then apply for a double degree at HELMo.
By the end of your academic year at HELMo you will be graduated by the two institutions and will have a bilanguage diploma.


Secrétariat de Direction (Verviers)/Management assistant
KDG Assurances/Verzekeringen        
Enseignant au secondaire Sainte Croix
Enseignant en éducation physique HELMo-Loncin
Droit / Law
Bac en secrétariat de direction (Liège)/Management assistant
PXL Droit / Law
Secrétariat de direction Verviers / Management assistant
Hogeschool Zuyd International business

What to do ?

  1. You need to apply for a double degree in your home institution
  2. Once you are accepted, you  need to apply at HELMo near the departmental coordinator.    
For the teaching education department: Mme Wilmots (https://elearning.helmo.be/course/view.php?id=3811)
 For the business department: Mme Lemaire (Marketing, international business, accounting, Insurance), Mr Schils (Management assistant) or  Mr Jans (law).
  1.  You need to bring the following documents:
    1. A copy  recto-verso of your ID
    2. A medical certificate from your higher education‘s studies.
    3. A birth certificate
    4. Your transcript of record from  the past year
If you are coming in double degree, you will have a French exam which will authorize you  to access at the exams session. It will be organized by HELMo at the beginning of the academic year and a second one in February.
!!! You have to pay the registration fees in your home institution !!